ADVANCED RESUME WRITING: Selling Potential to Land Interviews

August 19, Thursday, at 1 pm Eastern Time (10 am Pacific Time)

ADVANCED RESUME WRITING: Selling Potential to Land Interviews

Ross Macpherson is the President of Career Quest, a recognized expert in advanced career strategies and a sought-after speaker known for delivering powerful sessions that teach real-world career success strategies. He is the resume and LinkedIn expert for Beyond B-School, the co-creator of the Video Interviewing Masterclass, a former Board Member for the global Career Thought Leaders Consortium, and examples of his work have been published in 17 leading career publications. He has spoken extensively to MBA audiences across the U.S., Canada and Asia, and has delivered “Best of” presentations at global industry conferences and major career events across North America. 


FACT: On average, recruiters agree that 80% of the resumes they see are “poor."  A student or alum may be a perfect candidate for the job, but if their resume doesn’t present them in the light they need to be seen, then the recruiter moves on to the resume that does. And it gets even trickier with “switchers” trying to make a significant career change. So how do you help them do that? How can they create a resume that conveys their value to an organization, distinguishes them, and presents their potential in this next role in the strongest way to employers and recruiters? You’re about to learn. 

Ross will present the strategies that work, the content that works, and how a resume should be crafted to open the right doors for the right roles!  

You will learn

  • Strategies to highlight potential, whether using a B-school resume template or a 2-page resume of their own design
  • Techniques to go beyond just a record of past employment and turn a resume into a targeted marketing tool
  • Adjustments that can be the difference between getting an interview and not