wharton The library of brief Beyond B-School videos is perfect for busy MBA students. Averaging about 10 minutes in length and on a variety of relevant, career-related topics, students can easily access the information they need 24/7 through our website to access effective career management advice and tools. As a coaching tool, I use these videos as prep work for my 1-1 meetings with students so they come with the foundational information and are ready to use our time efficiently.

unc Beyond B-School is a powerful tool. It forces you to think strategically not structurally when building a resume or LinkedIn profile. Because of Beyond B-School I was able to target the right employer, expand my visibility on the web, and identify and connect with the right people.

vanderbilttesti5From watching multiple short videos, I began to grasp techniques essential for finding great jobs. I now know that listening to people to learn what they do is a great way to build a network and may result in promoting me among their network. Weekly, I meet with business professionals and tailor my questions and responses from the Beyond B-School videos to focus on their work and building a bond. Just the other day, a discussion with a commercial banker I met during a spin class led to referrals for two opportunities. Preparation is key, and Beyond B-School is a tremendous resource for any MBA at any level of their professional career.

client-logo-1Beyond B-School prepares your MBAs for the job hunt with access to leading experts, whose cutting-edge techniques and advice help them get – and stay – ahead. Our expert training resources help make your services scalable, broadening your reach to work with more students, more effectively.
With Beyond B-School, your MBA programs can deliver advanced career training, and in the format students prefer: videos on-demand, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.