Flip the Videos to Turn Knowledge into Action

By Roy Young

Career coaches often tell me Beyond B-School training videos and webinars provide outstanding job-search advice to MBAs. The challenge is getting MBAs to watch the videos and APPLY the information. They want to know how to improve engagement with the resources so students take the actions that will help them excel in the job market. I identify this as the Knowing-Doing Gap from a classic book of that title by Jeffrey Pfeiffer of Stanford Graduate School of Business. Let me explain. When I am asked this engagement frustration question, I respond with this question: “Have you ‘flipped’ the videos?” First use the videos to convey information MBAs need about generally effective approaches from the very best experts who lecture at schools around the world; then the career coach provides personalized advice and accountability for applying the information. You must connect the two steps to get MBAs to own their career development. Therefore, a best practice of career coaches using our training videos is to require students to watch specific videos and let them know that during your next coaching session or workshop (considered a lab) you let them know they will actually work to apply the information to their situation. For example, you want the MBAs to write a strong LinkedIn Headline and Summary. Below are four 10-minute videos you can assign them to watch – a total of about 45 minutes of material – and do a homework assignment to update their LinkedIn Headline and Summary with the advice from the videos. You let them know this preparation is required to get the most out of your next workshop, when all in attendance will be paired with a peer to critique each other’s work. Duration: 13:31 Duration: 12:31 Duration: 12:49 Duration: 17:20