5 Networking Accountability Strategies

By Roy Young

Here are five strategies for using a combination of students, alumni and coaches to make MBAs accountable to network: 1. SELF: MBAs learn how to make themselves accountable. To see how, read this tip sheet from the new Networking Toolbox:" 2. GROUPS: Form groups of three or more MBAs each to check on networking activities. 3. PACESETTER: Report on the activities and results generated by leaders, by name or anonymously. 4. MENTOR: Have MBAs matched with mentors – upper classmen or alumni – who regularly ask about activity. 5. COACH: Career coach makes the demand for networking activity with a “carrot” (reward) or “stick” (punishment). .entry-content a { display: inline; word-break: break-all; } .entry-content > a:hover { color:#1a5a78 !important;} .entry-content a:hover { color: #1a5a78 !important;}