4 Ways for MBAs to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

By Roy Young

Here are four ways to answer, each with a link to watch a video from the Beyond B-School library that includes instructions for developing an answer: 1.Tell your transformation story. A formative change in your life reflects what gives you purpose and motivation now. This is what makes you tick. Use this format: “Once I ___________ and then I _____________ and now I ________________ .” Watch this video for suggestions to identify significant stories of change that drive you: Duration: 13:31   2.Describe your strength(s). What are you known for? What has enabled you to achieve noteworthy results or impact? What do you see as your most valuable hard skills and soft skills? Are these natural gifts or did you develop them through hard work and focus? Watch this presentation to crystalize your understanding Duration: 55:08   3.Explain how you solve problems. MBAs are hired to solve business problems. Do you use data analysis? Do you use financial models? Do you use intuition? Do you conduct market or consumer research? Do you gather internal resources or form a strategic team? Give a few examples to support your assertions. Did you identify the problem or were you tapped as the person who could solve the business problem? What was the business impact. This video is focused on reporting business-impact accomplishments on the resume, but the examples given can easily apply to verbal communications: Duration: 12:34   4.Reflect on why you decided to get an MBA. Think back to the essay your submitted in your application to schools. How did you make the case for your acceptance? What has changed now from one or more of the classes you have taken or projects completed? Watch this video to stimulate your thinking about what the advanced education has meant to you: Duration: 06:27