Help Them Compete in the Job Market.

Designed to give your MBAs access to the leading experts covering the latest job search techniques, Beyond B-School programs help MBAs get – and stay – ahead.

Our suite of programs deliver step-by-step methodologies, in-depth training, and motivational live events that empower MBAs to manage an effective job search. Client schools are finding many ways to incorporate these programs into their student outreach, counseling, online workshops, and campus events.

Online Video Portal

Beyond B-School’s leading-edge online portal contains more than 30 presentations by 16 leading experts, motivating students with actionable insight, tools and trends. This comprehensive step-by-step program, with 24/7 access to expert advice, empowers students to become independent, effective job hunters.

  • Access to the leading experts 24/7 to support MBAs’ busy lifestyles
  • Training in all of the latest techniques, immediately accessible when MBAs need it
  • Comprehensive, step-by-step format to help MBAs prioritize and manage each phase in the job search

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Webinar Series for MBAs

Featuring 10 leading experts, visiting LIVE online in real time with your students over a 10-week period, Beyond B-School’s Job Search Webinar Series for MBAs gives students direct access to highly sought-after experts, who go in-depth on critical topics and motivate MBAs to take action in their job search.

  • Direct access to the leading experts
  • In-depth training on critical job search techniques
  • Live, motivational events that inspire and move MBAs into action

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MBA LinkedIn Intensive

Specifically designed for MBAs and Executive MBAs, this unique virtual workshop gives your students a comprehensive action program to target opportunities and stand out amongst the competition, using the most important career marketing tool today.

  • In-depth 4-module training, with lessons and actionable exercises
  • Personal branding focus teaches effective strategies to stand out
  • Comprehensive training to master LinkedIn and maximize its benefits long term

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International Student U.S. Job Search

  • Prepare international students with powerful job-search strategies to find employment in the U.S.
  • 12-webinar series focused on the obstacles that are specific to international students
  • Presentations – live and recorded – by the best experts in the field

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