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Communications Strategies for
English-as-a Second-Language Student Success

As a career coach of international students, you know most of them need to improve their communication skills if employers are going to consider them for employment. For a business school career services team without formal training in teaching English as a second language, preparing international students for the U.S. job search is a challenge. What can you do to help international students make fast improvements in their oral and written communications to excel in the U.S. job market?

In this webinar, a professional communications teacher for international business students will present techniques you can immediately give your international students to help them quickly learn how to communicate effectively in professional situations, both in-person and in writing.

You will learn

  • You will learn how to coach international students to make quick changes to:
  • Improve English pronunciation.
  • Control formality in different situations and contexts.
  • Connect with new people in professional networking meetings.
  • Write email messages that get read and generate response.
  • Improve clarity and formality of professional writing.