About Beyond B-School

Beyond B-School’s expert career training center prepares MBAs with leading-edge strategies and skills for job placement, career advancement and executive leadership.

How? By providing them access:

Access to experts. All material is developed and delivered by notable experts who specialize in job prep for MBAs. They speak at prominent graduate business schools around the world, coach Fortune 500 executives on career development, and write bestsellers on professional growth.

Access through technology. Our experts share their insights in a number of engaging formats, including:

  • short online videos
  • live and recorded in-depth webcasts
  • on-campus multi-media presentations

Access made affordable. We offer a variety of cost-effective options for schools of all sizes. Fees are based on access and program choices.

Supporting your mission

Career Services departments live by a forceful mission: support students in finding meaningful jobs – jobs that will set the students’ careers on an upward trajectory they can be proud of.

As good as Career Services is at what it does, though, it has its challenges:

  • The department rarely receives the budget necessary to carry out its mission
  • It can’t stay on top of the flood of breaking workplace trends and job-hunting methodologies
  • Its overworked staff can’t spend the time needed with students
  • Students’ busy lives make engaging students in job search training a challenge
  • Schools’ part-time and online programs make on-campus job search training a logistical challenge
  • It must carry out its mission in an increasingly competitive global job market

That’s why we created Beyond B-School.

At Beyond B-School, we’ve built an organization dedicated to supporting the Career Services department’s efforts and goals. We understand the Career Services department:

  • Acts as a conduit to fulfilling the school’s foremost promise, which is to prepare students for superior careers and launch them in good jobs
  • Enhances the school’s reputation in the business community, the non-profit community, the academic community, the media, and the world at large
  • Serves as a competitive advantage in the crowded field of graduate business education
  • Builds the school’s student and employer satisfaction rates, and marketplace ranking

How does it work?