Make Your MBA Resume & LinkedIn Profile Aligned and Aspirational
Both your resume and your LinkedIn profile are designed to market a specific type of value you want to offer to a company, and they each need to do it in specific ways. If your resume and LinkedIn profile are not properly aligned, that’s a red flag to recruiters and HR managers. If they are not properly aspirational, they’ll end up marketing you in the wrong way or for the wrong roles.

In this jam-packed webinar, you’ll hear personal branding expert Ross Macpherson tackle these two tricky but critical resume and LinkedIn strategies. . . get them right and you’ll get traction for the right opportunities . . . get them wrong, and your job search spins its wheels and won’t yield the results you deserve.

You will learn:

  • Where your resume and LinkedIn profile should be the same, and where they should be different.
  • Ways in which you use LinkedIn to enhance your brand and showcase more than your resume can.
  • How to properly position your resume and LinkedIn profile for the roles you want, not the roles you’ve had.