Webinar Recording for MBA Career Coaches

CAREER AGILITY: How it Impacts the Future of MBA Work Opportunities
This month’s Harvard Business Review headlines with “Agile at Scale – How to Create a Truly Flexible Organization.” If this topic is top of mind for organizations, individuals who want to succeed in business will take note.

Agility comes in many flavors: Learning agility, mental agilty, talent agility, agile methods, agile teams, agile project management, agile organizations, agile software development, agile marketing, agile HR, and beyond.

Influenced by this important trend, workplace futurist Marti Konstant will present her thoughts about how an agile mindset will help MBAs respond to change (technology economic, financial, and personal), so they can flourish, rather than just survive in their careers.

You will learn:

  • The definition of career agility and the principles of the career agility model.
  • How to help MBAs identify and respond to workplace trends.
  • How to apply career agility principles to help people advance in their careers.
  • How to help MBAs adopt an agile mindset vs. a steadfast mindset for career growth.
  • How MBAs can increase their value in organizations by paying attention to internal motivators of creativity, growth, and happiness.