Webinar Recording for MBA Career Coaches

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Career Coaching Strategies for International Students In Times of Visa Uncertainty
Career coaching for international students requires dedicated time, energy and creativity. Now add the pressure from the uncertainty around the potential changes in U.S. work authorization laws. Increasingly, career coaching for both international MBA and MS students must maintain a global perspective, going beyond the search for U.S.-based employment. This presentation provides a new take on programming that is both cost effective and high impact, and provides international students with the individualized attention they need. Learn how to conduct workshops and coaching sessions that meet individual MBA and MS student goals. Included in the webinar is a presentation of the results of a survey conducted by Beyond B-School clarifying the needs of international MS students.

You will learn how to:

  • Efficiently schedule and conduct workshops and coaching sessions.
  • Help students identify suitable job targets and candidacy.
  • Coach students to master the skill of informational interviewing.
  • Help students identify and clarify their unique value to employers.
  • Help MS students improve their communications and networking skills.