Webinar Recording for MBA Career Coaches

Beyond Resumes:
How VIDEO is Changing the Employer Hiring Process and How You Can Take Advantage of the New Trends

To screen candidates and select new hires effectively, more and more employers are incorporating video assessment into their hiring process. Video can produce a human and authentic experience that text in a resume or LinkedIn profile simply cannot. Catharine Fennell, founder of videoBIO, will explain how her clients are using video, and, as a result, how your school can improve Employer Relations, on-campus recruiting and student interview readiness.

You will learn:

  • How employers and hiring managers are using video technology at different stages of the interview process, from initial screening and assessment to selection of finalists.
  • How your Employer Relations can use video to increase recruitment activity.
  • How your on-campus recruitment process can use video to allow employers to go beyond the resume to decide who they want to interview.
  • How video can be used by students to humanize their resumes and excel in the interview process.